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This edition published in 2001

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Printed by Kwik Kopy 45 Williams St. Melbourne
National Library of Australia

Cataloguing-in-publication data: Kokoda Walk, The

ISBN  0 646 408135

1. World War, 1939-1945 - Campaigns - ( New Guinea).

2. Kokoda Trail (Papua New Guinea) -World War, 1939-1945 - Australia.

         I. Bastiaan, Ross, 1951-    .

This book was funded by the Parks Victoria Grants Program 1999-2000


The author would like to thank The Australian War Memorial, Canberra, and Air New Guinea for permission to publish some of the photographs in this book. The numbers adjacent to the photographs from the collection of the Australian War Memorial (AWM) refer to the negative number.

Maps drawn by Stuart Penny, The Works-RMIT, Melbourne

Front Cover: An Australian patrol near Owers' Corner pauses to view the daunting Owen Stanley Mountains and the start of the Kokoda Trail.  (AWM 2703)

Inside Back Cover: After the battle near Kokoda Village the army unit mascot 'Curley' earns a tin of bully beef after  walking the Kokoda Trail.  (AWM 13624)

Frontage Page: Australian troops moving forward through a destroyed and deserted village near Brigade Hill.  (AWM 27069)


Note: in this publication, and on the Walk, the term Kokoda Trail is synonymous with Kokoda Track. The difference in the use of terms 'track' and 'trail' has been long debated, but either term that is adopted, matters little when weighed against the significance of the events of 1942.


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