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The Kokoda Walk, in the Dandenong Ranges National Park has been reconstructed in order to honour the men and women of Australia who went to war and often gave their lives for our freedom.

The Walk has been designed to tell the story of how Australian soldiers, sailors and airmen defeated the Japanese Army on the Kokoda Trail in Papua-New Guinea (PNG) during the Second World War (1939-1945).

The Kokoda Walk plaques are situated near another plaque series unveiled in 1997 by the survivors of the Kokoda battle. The Victorian veterans of the Kokoda campaign have adopted this Park as their memorial site. Their plaques were placed in memory of their mates who died in the fighting and are located near the entrance to the National Park, close to the large stone archway. Each year Legacy conducts its Anzac Day Schools Memorial Services in the Park.

In 1992 the author installed a series of plaques along the Kokoda Trail in PNG. As a further memorial to the Kokoda veterans a replica of the PNG 'walk series' was placed in this Memorial Park in 1997.


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