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Start the walk at the bottom of One Tree Hill from the Rangers Office. Near the entrance to the National Park, and close to the large stone archway, is the series of historically important plaques erected by the survivors of the Kokoda battle in 1997.

Continue up the roadway and 200 metres from the archway the first and largest of the bronze information plaques in the series is located. The Kokoda Trail Map plaque gives an overview of the Kokoda campaign and a detailed, sculptured, topographical map of the Kokoda Trail as it passes over the Owen Stanley Range in Papua New Guinea.

From this plaque the walk follows a wide dirt road, gradually rising for less than a kilometre. Along the way are three plaques commemorating, first, the Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels (this was the name given by Australian soldiers to the PNG people who greatly helped them during the campaign), second, Damien Parer (who was the famous Australian cinematographer of the War), and last, Private Bruce Kingsbury VC (who won the only Victoria Cross on the Kokoda Trail). The road ends in a small clearing.

The path from here steadily ascends One Tree Hill on the Fern Tree Gully One Thousand Steps Track. Placed beside the path is a series of bronze information plaques. The plaques provide the walker with an understanding of the events that occurred in Papua New Guinea during 1942.

The Kokoda Trail section of the walk starts with the plaque headed Owers' Corner. The plaques are named after and sited at places where significant events occurred during the campaign.

Distances to walk between the plaque are given on the map opposite. The physical effort in reaching the last plaque, Kokoda Village, hopefully provide those following the walk with some sense of the exhaustion experienced by the Australian soldiers climbing the Trail during the Kokoda campaign of 1942.

People with medical conditions that impair physical activity should consider avoiding the walk or walking down the hill from the One Tree Hill Picnic Ground.

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